Onde Encontramos Isolantes De Poliéster?

Where do we find polyester insulators?

Polyester insulators are highly sought after materials, mainly by industries. They are very useful in different situations. But where do we find polyester insulators? Read on to find out!

But before we answer the question where do we find polyester insulators, let’s talk a little more about the material itself.

There are a few different models of polyester insulators each produced according to its purpose. Let’s mention some examples that we sell at Geartech BR:

Polyester Class B 130

A milky polyester film that is usually sold in rolls or reels. Class B 130 Polyester has a high mechanical resistance and a great electrical insulation capacity. It is usually indicated and has a better performance in automatic insertion machines.

Polyester Class H 180

This polyester insulator has two layers of Du Point Brand Nomex paper and an inner layer of polyester film. In addition to being an excellent thermal insulator, it has tear resistance. Indicated for groove isolation, electric generator motors, transformers, among others.

Polyester Class F 155

This is a laminated polyester film formed by 3 layers. It is covered with “nonwoven” polyester fibers (high saturation of resins) that help to delay its aging and improve its quality.

Polyester Clear 130

An insulating polyester film that serves other functions as well, such as winding transformers, adhesive tapes, lamination, etc.

Well, these are some of the polyester insulators that Geartech BR sells. So, answering the question of the title where we find polyester insulators, now you know it is at Geartech BR.

But it is obvious that it is not just us who sell polyester insulators. There are other competitors. So, why should you choose us? That’s what we’re going to tell you next!

Where do we find the best quality polyester insulators?

There are many options for places where we find polyester insulators. But one of the reasons you should choose Geartech BR is because we are a global import company.

We are always attentive to opportunities for innovative products, seeking excellence in meeting the needs of our customers, with tailor-made cuts in state-of-the-art machinery.

In addition, since 2001 we have been importing and marketing a wide variety of high quality products to resellers and industries throughout Brazil.

We work with international suppliers which has provided us with a set of skills and knowledge.

Thanks to this, we are one of the specialists in the distribution of electrical insulators in the country.

We have a quality policy of importing and selling only certified products (ISO 9001) and of excellent origin, so that we can meet and even exceed the expectations and satisfaction of our customers.

But of course, you don’t just have to believe those words! You can contact us so that we can clarify your doubts and provide more details of our products.

We are located in the city of Sorocaba-SP. If it is feasible for you, it will be a great pleasure to receive you in person! If not, our service team will have the same satisfaction in serving you via email, phone or WhatsApp!

We await your contact!


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