What is kraft paper?

We at Geartech BR work with several products of excellent quality to better satisfy our customers. And one of them is kraft paper. Do you know this material? Read on for more details on this great product.

Kraft paper is the result of a mixture of various types of cellulose fibers, short and long, which are found in the pulp of soft woods.

Exactly because it is composed of all this mixture of wires, it becomes more resistant, at the same time that it presents flexibility and softness, being ideal for processing in machines.

Generally, the cellulose used in the material does not undergo bleaching processes, for this reason, it is also recognized for its color (natural brown), unlike other papers in general. Kraft paper is usually sold in reels of 40 g / m² or more.

Perhaps you are asking yourself, “So, would this kraft paper be brown paper? The one we find in stationery shops? Also used to make packaging?”

In theory, brown paper is the same as kraft paper. Even the fact that most do not go through the bleaching. However, it can also take on the white color, as is the case with bleached kraft, used in the manufacture of bags and packaging. In other cases, it can also be dyed in several colors and is called colored kraft.


The usefulness of kraft paper

The usefulness of kraft paper

Due to its resistance characteristic, kraft paper is the best option for packaging. So much so that it can be considered a source of raw material for the manufacture of corrugated cardboard, the one used to manufacture “cardboard boxes”, for example.

Its most common uses are: making paper bags, paper bags, paper boxes and wrapping in general.

This product is usually sold on a large scale by factories directly to consumers, in coil format, mainly for bag manufacturers, but also in order to be gummed, bitumen, impregnated, among other processes.

According to its type or characteristic, the material can be classified in different ways. It can be extensible, natural, multifoliate, monolucid, smooth, white, colored, of first or second quality. The material can also be laminated with aluminum, with plastic / phenolic resins or covered with paraffin.

In addition to all these features and uses, kraft paper is sustainable and can be considered the best in this regard, as it is the only one that degrades in just 60 days in a natural environment.

Its production process is ecological because it receives less chemicals. For this reason, it has been increasingly used as an alternative to plastic, for example. In addition, the material is 100% recyclable, being widely accepted for the purchase and sale of paper by aparistas in general.

As we said at the beginning, kraft paper is one of the products that Geartech BR sells. Please contact us to learn about our other products and services and request a quote. Our service team is waiting for you and ready to answer all your questions!


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