As características do papel kraft

The characteristics of kraft paper

Kraft paper is one of the materials we sell here at Geartech BR. It has several functions and one of them is in the transformer industries where they are affected in an oil bath or used dry. In this article we are going to talk about some details of the characteristics of kraft paper.

When we talk about paper, perhaps most of us will soon think of its primary use for writing. Maybe you can think of a notebook, a notepad or something.

But paper has many other functions, in addition to being used to write something. In the specific case of kraft paper, it is also not very different.

Variations of kraft paper

Variations of kraft paper

Like other papers, kraft paper also has some specific models. They can be found in the original version with a woody aspect and a brown tone.

There are also industrial procedures that change the characteristics of kraft paper, physical characteristics, in this case. In doing so, it is possible to find kraft paper in different cores, strengths, thicknesses, sizes. These specifications vary according to the quantity and types of fibers used in their manufacture.

There is the so-called extensible kraft paper that has the largest amount of cellulose fiber and thus promotes greater resistance, and can be used as packaging in the form of a bag.

Another format is the kraft semi-paper due to its original properties selected with chemical fibers, however this procedure causes the material not to have as much resistance and quality.

Another interesting feature of kraft paper is its weight. In other words, words mean the density of the paper, or its thickness.

The more resistant to impacts and the less likely to tear and damage. Weights vary according to usage rules. For example, as packages usually have a density equal to 30 g, for more resistant materials around 80 g are found. These variations occur according to the intended use.

Kraft paper can be considered a sustainable material, as it is easily degraded in addition to undergoing less chemical processes, it can also be recycled and used for other purposes.

Thanks to these characteristics, kraft paper has been widely used by companies in order to offer products and solutions that are more beneficial to the environment. Because in addition to favoring the environment, it is also relevant for a brand to be well regarded in the market due to ecological practices.

As advantages

As advantages

Kraft paper is a resistant, versatile material that has a sustainable concept, making it possible to serve different audiences, especially those who consider these forms of consumption more conscious.

It is a very advantageous material for merchants, due to its low cost, which is present the expenses at the time of purchase.

It is also less harmful due to easy and rapid degradation and can be reused after its main use, as we have already mentioned here.

Kraft paper can also be customized, as printing procedures are faculties in the material, in addition to other characteristics and effects that can be adhered to.

Another facility is that its material is made in all regions, being a material very easy to be located.

And to purchase it, you can contact Geartech BR. Our company works only with first-rate materials to better satisfy our customers. Contact us for more details!


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