Safety at work

Safety at work: see some tips to protect you!

Today we want to talk about something very important that is not always taken seriously, but that if given due attention, it can literally save lives. We are talking about safety at work in order to prevent accidents. Keep reading to learn more!

In Brazil, there are about 700 thousand people who suffer accidents at work per year. These accidents can result in serious injury, personal injury and even death. Thus, reinforcing accident prevention care is fundamental, indispensable.

Many companies suffer from numerous severance fees, medical treatments and dismissal of these injured employees. The best way to avoid this painful process is to invest in job security.

Various sectors and functions need attention regarding safety at work. In this sense, some suggestions can be of great value to maintain employee protection parameters and measures. Check out some accident prevention tips below!

Pay attention!

It seems obvious. And indeed, it is! But even something so obvious (maybe even because it is obvious) ends up going unnoticed. All work needs to be done with focus. Especially in positions that involve risks, it is essential to pay attention to environmental factors that can make it dangerous.

However, with more and more distraction resources, it is important to determine rules for the protection of the worker and the priority with his obligations.

Conversations, cell phones and even factors such as tiredness can expose workers to accidents. Ideally, this employee should know all the factors that may involve risks to his integrity. Therefore, when exercising their work, they can establish more appropriate practices and remain attentive to the environment.

Avoid unnecessary risk

Many of the accidents that happen at work are due to the worker ‘s imprudence. If any situation close to you shows imminent danger, do not approach.

When calculated, the risk can be understood, strengthening accident prevention. Some professional activities assume dangers, but in these cases, the worker has protective resources.

Avoid locations that you are not authorized to be there. Also avoid being near areas and equipment for which you do not have qualified training. That is, recklessness can have serious consequences.

Keep the workplace clean and organized

Most accidents also occur due to disorganization of the work area. For example, a box left in the way, a tool lying on the floor. When these carelessness add to the intensity of work routines, the result can be dangerous for everyone.

It is up to the coordinators, supervisors and managers to reinforce the importance of a clean and properly organized place. Thus, everyone can follow the parameters.

Also take care of your co-worker

Prevention is teamwork. It is essential that co-workers cover and guide each other, to avoid accidents and risky situations. A good example is with the use of PPE. One employee must always remember and oversee the other to generate the right culture.

Another important issue is to avoid performing tasks in isolation, especially in risky areas. The accompaniment, whether from another partner or from a work safety technician, is prudent and important. The premise for all services must always be one taking care of the other.

Look for information with CIPA

Security tips can vary from industry to industry and company to company. The ones we shared earlier can be applied to almost any type of work environment.

But it is essential that you look for your company’s Internal Accident Prevention Commission (CIPA). This commission has the function of maintaining safety at work, creating rules for the company and monitoring and their effectiveness and compliance.

We at Geartech BR are concerned with the safety of our employees and we also want to make our partners aware of the importance of safety at work.

To know more about us, click here. We hope these tips help you and your co-workers!


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