Milky White Polyester

Milky White Polyester has a hight mechanical resistance. Their characteristics of stability dimensional provide a great capacity of electrical insulation, having a better performance in automatic insertion machines comparing with any other kind of insulation.

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Kraft Paper

The Kraft Paper is mainly used in the oil bath or dry on the transformer industry, also used for the construction of capacitors, switches, coils and others.

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Classe H 180

H Class Polyester

Composed of two layers of Nomex Dupont Paper and an inner lay of polyester film. This product combine the advantages of excellent thermal characteristics and tear resistence with the excellent electrical and mechanical properties of the polyester film. It is suitable for groove insulation, offer a better performance of generators motors, etc.

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F Class Polyester

Is a laminate product with three layers of Polyester film, covered on both sides with Polyester fibers ‘nonwoven’ (high resin saturation), retarding film aging and improving their thermal, machanical and dieletric characteristics.

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Fish Paper

The Fish Paper is an insulation, flexible, with a good dielectric stiffness, high thermal resistence and a smooth surface. Used to isolate channels in the grooves of electric motors, rotors, transformers, switches of any kind, among others. Can be also used on joints or separators.

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Diamond Paper

The Diamond paper has resin applications on both sides for insulation between layers. Used on the manufacturing of regulators, voltage motors and specially transformers. Made on the brown color, with resin in triangle shapes, which with temperature adhere to the application.

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Kraft + Polyester

The Kraft + Polyester is brown and with transparent polyester film developed specially as a insulation material for electrical machines. Provides a superior thermal aging performance compared to normal polyester films.

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Crystal Clear Polyester

Crystal Clear Polyester is a product with excellent diversity on their use, attending several segments such as: Cable industries, electrical insulation, lamination, transformer winding, cassette masking, tape and other general purpose applications

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PVC Sleeving

Used for equipments of high temperature, motor winding, generators, transformers and insulation of carbon brushes.

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Acrylic Fiberglass Sleeving

Acrylic resin impregnated polyester woven tube. Applications: Coil head protection and output cable welding on Class F (155ºC) motors, transformer insulation and household appliances.

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Silicone Resin Sleeving

High temperature equipment, motor windings, generators, transformers and carbon brush insulation.

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