Machine Maintenance Mechanic: Who is it and what is its Importance

In our last article, we talked about the importance of preventive electrical maintenance and also a little about preventive maintenance in general. But to carry out preventive maintenance, a specialized person is required for this. One of the specialized people to do preventive maintenance is the machine maintenance mechanic. Keep reading to learn more about this very important function.

The machine maintenance mechanic, also known as an industrial maintenance mechanic, or simply an industrial mechanic, maintains and repairs factory equipment and other industrial machines.

Among these equipments we can mention transportation systems, production machines and packaging equipment. Workers must follow safety precautions and wear protective equipment, such as a safety helmet, safety glasses and hearing protection.

A machine maintenance mechanic plans maintenance activities, assessing operating conditions and performance of machines and equipment.

It is under the responsibility of an industrial maintenance mechanic to lubricate machines, components and tools. In addition to documenting technical information, carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance on machinery and equipment such as: concrete mixers, hammers, compactors, construction elevators and automation.

It is also the responsibility of the industrial mechanic to repair earthmoving, paving and construction machinery and equipment.

The professional also performs reading and interpretation of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic drawings, maintenance of plastic injection machines and exchange of parts.

He works with the elaboration of reports, manufactures and repairs machine elements such as parts and accessories through the mechanical machining process and also the maintenance of machines of a mechanical nature.


More functions of the machine maintenance mechanic

More functions of the machine maintenance mechanic

In addition to these functions that we have already listed here, the industrial mechanic also performs other functions.

Despite the name, the machine maintenance mechanic doesn’t just repair equipment or make repairs.

One of his functions, in addition to repair and repair, is to train workers in an industry, for example.

When a production company hires new mechanics, the industrial maintenance mechanic can conduct on-the-job training to help employees become familiar with the essential functions of the job.

In this role, the mechanic can begin by training them to carry out routine repairs on common work machines before proceeding to complex repairs, which may involve dismantling and reassembling machines.

The industrial maintenance mechanic also educates new employees on the company’s occupational health and safety practices and demonstrates how to use protective equipment, such as helmets, special shoes and safety glasses.

In addition to training for workers in a company, the machine maintenance mechanic can also advise and provide advice.

Most companies consult with the industrial mechanic before purchasing new machinery and equipment.

For example, a power generation plant may ask the industrial mechanic to suggest more reliable and economical machines to buy.

The mechanic depends on the knowledge and experience of his industry with various equipment and machines to advise the company accordingly.

In some cases, the mechanic may conduct market research, visiting several manufacturers to evaluate various brands of machines and identifying one that meets the employer’s specifications.

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