How to save electricity in your industry

You may have noticed that practically everything is more expensive, costing more money. Food, fuel, cooking gas, services in general and also the electricity bill! So if you want to know how to save electricity in your industry, read on!

According to data from the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), Brazilian industry is responsible for around 41% of the country’s electricity consumption.

Of this energy consumed by the industry, more than 50% is associated with four consumer systems: Electric Motors, Refrigeration, Compressed Air and Lighting.

Below, you will find efficiency measures and how to save electricity in your industry, in each system.

How to save electricity by taking care of electric motors
Electric Motor

Electric Motors are present in almost all industries, the efficient use of this equipment can save resources and prevent accelerated wear and tear on the equipment.

  • Check that the engines are running between 75% and 90% of their rated power. This will ensure the equipment is operating at its maximum efficiency.
  • Adopt electronic speed variators whenever possible. This helps the engine to work in the area of ​​maximum efficiency.
  • Avoid installing engines in poorly ventilated environments. Overheating this equipment impairs its performance and accelerates its wear.
  • Perform all preventive maintenance to reduce waste, reduce costs and increase the useful life of electric motors.

How to save electricity by taking care of refrigeration


Correct sizing of the refrigeration system as well as taking care of the correct mode of operation can result in important energy savings.

  • Check the thermal insulation of the liquid and gas pipes.
  • Check the possibility of load modulation of the compressor units.
  • Clean and regulate system evaporators and condensers.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks.
  • Follow the storage recommendations for the products stored in the chambers (temperature, relative humidity and storage time).

Compressed air

Compressed air

It takes a lot of energy, and money, to compress air to a pressure that is interesting for the industry. In this way, the air can be free, but the “compressed” is not!

  • Periodically review your compressed air distribution branches, eliminating or isolating branches that are no longer in use.
  • Avoid diameter variations and excessive bends. This will reduce your company’s compressed air distribution losses.
  • Periodically search and eliminate leaks in the compressed air distribution network.
  • Periodically check the condition of your compressor. Excessive wear and tear and leaks make the equipment consume more and produce less air.
  • Keep filters clean at all times. Dirt on filters implies efficiency losses.
  • Check that your compressor’s intake air intake is outside the engine room.



The good performance of a lighting system depends on care that begins with the electrical project, involving information about lighting fixtures, usage profile and the type of activity to be carried out.

  • Make the most of natural lighting.
  • Turning off lighting in unoccupied environments reduces consumption.
  • It is recommended to use lamps and luminaires as efficiently as possible.
  • It is necessary to adjust the lighting level to the work requested as recommended by the Brazilian Standard.

We hope these tips help you save electricity in your industry!

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