High temperature spaghetti

At Geartech BR we work with several products that can be used in windings of motors, generators, transformers and carbon brush insulation. And in this article we want to talk specifically about one that is high-temperature spaghetti. Read on to find out more about this excellent material.

High-temperature spaghetti is a heat-shrinkable tube made from cross-linked polyolefin, whose application is mainly intended for the composition of electrical harnesses for the insulation of terminals, splices and their derivations in general.

A more versatile material, offering highly stable electrical properties on virtually all electronic frequencies. In an operating range of -70 ° C to 130 ° C.High-temperature spaghetti is non-toxic and does not burn in the normal atmosphere at any temperature, in addition to being inert to virtually all lubricants, solvents and reagents.

The electrical performance is excellent, offering extremely high dielectric strength even in the thinnest cross sections. With hot soldering irons and below zero environmental conditions without effect.

The material has the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid. It is also resistant to the absorption of moisture or contamination from questionable sources.

With the constant technological advancement, it is possible to obtain a wide range of high temperature spaghetti that is easy to install. And whose voltage range is able to prevent bad contact and voltage leaks through proper insulation.

Advantages in applying high temperature spaghetti

Advantages in applying high temperature spaghetti

High temperature spaghetti offers high application efficiency, with considerably higher insulation performance than other products whose manufacture is intended for the same purpose, such as electrical tape and plastic covers, to name a few examples.

In addition to this characteristic, high temperature spaghetti can have its efficiency facilitated in production lines, as well as the optimized time, when used in greenhouses.

Another advantage of this material is to meet cable and wire insulation applications. This is the main characteristic of using high temperature spaghetti.

This product is very useful in offering adequate finishing efficiency and mechanical protection. Which can be used in various industry segments, for example, in the automotive sector, for coating and finishing seat belts.

Also for mechanical protection in the car’s cooling area, such as in radiator hoses, brake hoses and air conditioning pipes, among other applications regarding the use of high temperature spaghetti.

Geatech BR, a national reference

Geatech BR a national reference

Geartech BR currently occupies a prominent position in the country importing films, polyester compounds, as is the case of the heat-shrinkable spaghetti, for example. In addition to insulating papers and tapes. Currently, our products are used by manufacturers of electric motors, transformers, cables, compressors, fans, etc.

As a global import company, Geartech BR is always attentive to opportunities for innovative products, thus seeking excellence in meeting the needs of our customers, with tailor-made cuts in state-of-the-art machinery.

To learn more about our products and services, contact us. It will be a great satisfaction for us!


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