Espaguete Isolante Alta Temperatura

High Temperature Insulating Sleeving

High temperature insulating spaghetti is an instrument used for thermocontractile insulation.

Also known by the names of heat shrink, heat shrink tubing or heat shrink tubing, insulating spaghetti is a very useful object when it comes to insulating high temperature cables.

It is a polyolefin tube, a rubberized material that shrinks – contracts – when heated by the high temperature of the cable, adhering and insulating it.

In addition to cables the high temperature insulating spaghetti also isolates buses and electronics, ensuring electrical insulation up to 1KV.

The insulating spaghetti also provides mechanical protection and even allows circuit identification due to the color gamut it has.

For domestic use, insulating spaghetti is not very recommended, as it has high quality insulation power, its cost is not very cheap.

It can be used for minor repairs where splicing is often more difficult or has sensitive wires such as harnesses for car stereos, for example.

Another example where insulating spaghetti can be used is to insulate tools such as screwdrivers in order to prevent the tool from bumping into an electronic component and burning it.

Insulating spaghetti can also be used as wire and cable finishing.

Types of high temperature insulating spaghetti and where they are used

High temperature insulating spaghetti has some variations in its shape according to its purpose, that is, according to the place that will be used.

TCN20 insulating spaghetti are ideal for isolating, protecting and identifying busbars in electrical panels, cables and electronic components.

They have a thin wall, a 2: 1 shrinkage ratio, withstand working temperatures up to 125ºC and are usually supplied in black, white, yellow, blue, violet, orange, brown, green and red.

TFN21 Insulating Spaghetti are standard polyolefin tubes for insulation up to 1KV in green / yellow color (known as Brazilian).

They are ideal for isolation, protection and identification of grounding circuits.

They have thin wall, 2: 1 shrinkage ratio, withstand working temperatures up to 125ºC.

TFN24 insulating spaghetti are transparent polyolefin tubes to keep visible identification elements on cables, busbars or components.

They have thin wall, 2: 1 shrinkage ratio, withstand temperature up to 135ºC and electrical insulation characteristics up to 1KV.

The HIS-3 thin-walled insulating spaghetti is supplied in small quantities for over-the-counter small applications.

Its 3: 1 shrink rate provides fewer items for 1/8 ″ to 1 ″ gauges (3 to 24mm), supports temperature up to 125 ° C and features electrical insulation up to 1KV.

Another very interesting model of high temperature insulating spaghetti is the heat-shrinkable spaghetti with hot melt adhesive that guarantees protection against moisture, as well as perfect insulation of the covered component.

They are ideal for underground cable repair applications already installed. They are also used in the automotive, electronics and naval industries.

If you did not know the insulating spaghetti and found it interesting, or if you already knew and need some for whatever purpose, please contact Geartech BR and we will indicate which model is right for you.


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