Manutenção preventiva elétrica

Electrical preventive maintenance: understand why it is fundamental

Do you know that saying: prevention is better than cure? Yes, it also applies in the industry. Therefore, if you work in an industrial plant, you need to pay attention to electrical preventive maintenance and preventive maintenance as a whole. To learn more about this subject, keep reading.

The definition of preventive maintenance is one of the most important types of maintenance within an industrial plant and requires planning and training efforts by specialized teams.

Always with the intention of keeping the equipment in the most extreme availability, based on reliability procedures.

Whether in isolated actions or in long stops, the ideal is that preventive maintenance is one of the highest priorities of managers in industries and companies when carrying out the scope of work.

What is still a reality a little distant from what is happening today in many organizations.

Although the concepts of the need to carry out preventive, predictive, corrective or planned maintenance, as well as reliability-centered maintenance, are already part of the daily life of many engineers and supervisors, there are still a large number of companies and managers who see maintenance as an additional cost to the company’s expenses.

In reality, by reviewing preventive maintenance concepts, maintenance procedures are able to reduce costs and also increase the company’s profitability.

This is because preventive actions for repairs, machine changes and replacement of parts guarantee an always continuous production process. With a minimum of interruptions and stoppages due to failures and breakdowns that happen.

Preventive electrical maintenance in practice

Manutenção preventiva elétrica na prática

Some may mistakenly think that the lack of moving parts means that few problems can happen with electrical systems.

However, the failure rate of electrical components is three times higher for systems without preventive electrical maintenance programs.

The main causes of almost half of all electrical losses are electrical distribution failures, loose connections and exposure to moisture.

Both problems can be corrected with a comprehensive preventive electrical maintenance program. The following factors should be considered when planning a maintenance program:

Qualified personnel: People who carry out your electrical preventive maintenance program must be properly trained to handle the specific equipment that is being maintained or tested. They must have a complete understanding of electrical safety practices and procedures.

Scheduled Maintenance: Equipment inspection, testing and maintenance work should be done on a regular basis, at least once every three years and more frequently with respect to critical components.

Maintenance order and report: For each electrical circuit component or electrical system to be inspected and subjected to maintenance, it is necessary that the electrician, electrical maintenance technician or other professional issues a work order and provides the report after the services are performed. . These documents help to identify the tasks to be developed and which systems have already undergone preventive maintenance.

The electricity distribution system must not be overlooked. An electrical preventive maintenance program must be considered before a failure in electrical circuits occurs and causes accidents, in addition to being very expensive.

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