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Electrical Insulation: Understand How It Works and Its Importance

Before we talk about electrical insulation and its importance, the first thing we need to understand is that there are electrically conductive materials and materials

Electricity insulators.

Electrical conductors

As its name implies, electrical conductive materials are those in which electrons move most easily within them. That is, the electric energy runs freely.

Among the electrical conductive materials, some examples are copper, aluminum, gold, silver, etc. Metals in general are great conductors of electricity. That is why the inside of the electric wires is usually made with copper, aluminum or tin.

In addition to metals, there are other materials that are conductive to electricity, such as water, the soil itself and even the human body.

Electrical insulators

Electric insulating materials are practically the opposite of conductors. Electrical insulators have few free electrons and these resist the flow of electric current. This means that electricity tends not to travel inside this material.

The function of the insulating material is to separate the electrical conductor and make the electricity run only where it should go, without escaping to other unnecessary places.

A simple example of understanding this idea is that of the electric wire. The inside of the cord is usually made of copper or some other metal – which, as we saw earlier, makes great electrical conductors – and is coated with an insulating material so that electricity runs only inside the cord and does not cause an accident or leakage of electricity. in vain.

In addition to wires and cables, electrical insulation is also used in power systems. For example, small transformers, electric motors and power generators are insulated from the wire coils by polymeric varnish.

There is also fiberglass electrical tape which is used as a winding coil separator.

Among the electrical insulating materials are PVC, glass, asbestos, rigid laminate, silicone, varnish, resin, paper, Teflon, among others.

Why is electrical insulation important?

Electrical insulation is not only important, but necessary. The main reason for electrical insulation is to maintain safety and to avoid electric shock.

Electric shock can result in fatal injuries resulting from involuntary movement. It can also cause death from ventricular fibrillation (heart pumping problems) or muscle contraction.

In addition to preventing electric shock, insulation also protects the materials through which electric current flows. Electrical insulation limits current flow between different electrical conductors.

Importantly, there is no perfect electrical insulation material. Each material has some resistance to electricity, but it is not infinite resistance. Therefore it is ideal to choose the type of material suitable for each situation.

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