como conseguir a certificação ISO 9001

Electrical insulation company: how to achieve ISO 9001 certification

Geartech BR, an electrical insulating company, is certified by ISO 9001 standards.

Many people have heard of ISO 9001 certification. But not all of these people know exactly what this certification is about and how it is possible to acquire it. In this article we’ll talk a little more about that.

First, let’s talk about ISO 9001. Then, let’s talk about how an electrical insulation company can achieve certification.

In today’s market, more and more companies are looking for ways to attract customers, dominate market share and improve their performance, generating competitiveness never before seen in the business world.

Thus, one way to ensure that your company continues to bring results is to obtain an ISO 9001 certificate.

ISO 9001 is a standard for a specific product or service. It can be implemented by companies of any size and that carry out any type of activity, including an electrical insulating company, such as Geartech BR.

It aims to improve the internal management of companies, applying certain standards to their processes that will guarantee the quality of the product or service provided.

By implementing this standard, a relationship of trust is created between the company and the customer, since with an ISO 9001 certificate the buyer knows that the product or service delivered by the seller will have a quality standard.

Geartech BR works only with products that are ISO 9001 certified so that all its customers can have the best experience possible when purchasing such products.


What the electrical insulation company needs to do to obtain ISO 9001 certification

Now, after understanding what the ISO 9001 certification is, let’s talk about how an electrical insulation company can achieve it.

To achieve ISO 9001 certification, it is necessary to implement a Quality Management System compatible with the requirements of the standard. To facilitate this implementation, the technical support of a consultancy is often indicated.

Experienced consultants will help the electrical insulating company to understand the standard, diagnose the requirements that are or are not met by the organization, define and implement action plans for complete adequacy.

In addition, after the implementation of the QMS, it is necessary to carry out an external audit by an authorized certification body. Certification is only granted if, in the external audit process, it is confirmed that the company actually meets the requirements of the standard.

The cost for certification may vary, but it usually includes hiring a certification body already mentioned. And a consultancy for the implementation of the management system. Since, generally, companies do not have a specialist internally able to offer the necessary technical advice for the process.

The consultancy can be in person or online. However, companies have preferred online consulting.

In addition to the current pandemic moment, with online consulting companies reduce considerable costs with consultant logistics. Since the entire process is mediated by the platform and the visit of the consultant happens only at the end of the implementation, to carry out an internal audit.

We are talking here about ISO 9001 certification for an electrical insulation company, but the procedure is practically the same for companies in other segments.


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