Motores elétricos e geradores

Electric motors and generators: problems caused by contamination

Electric motors and generators are often installed in places where contamination becomes almost inevitable. Over time, these contaminations can cause major problems that impair bearings or complete engine failure.

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In this article, in particular, shortly afterwards we will talk about four most common situations in which contamination affects electric motors and generators. Read on!

1 – Damage to the lubrication of the bearing or damage to its surface.
Contaminants can damage the bearing lubrication and also its surface. This can cause an accumulation of frictional heat. If the problem is not corrected as soon as possible, the heat can lead to a failure and drastically damage the bearings of the motor or electric generator.

2- Blocking the air flow or liquid cooling passages.
Electric motors naturally generate heat caused by wasted energy. The motors and generators are designed with external fans, heat sinks and liquid cooling systems to allow heat dissipation.

Contaminants can clog vents, cooling tubes and cooling surfaces and prevent the engine from cooling properly. This additional heat ends up damaging the mechanical and electrical components of the electric motor and can lead to its failure.

3- Imbalance for the rotating components of electric motors.
When contaminants stick to engine rotors, fan blades or other rotating components, they increase the weight. This weight creates an imbalance that can lead to increased vibration. Vibration caused by an unbalanced rotating component will shorten the life of your bearings and may cause engine or bearing failures.

4 – Deterioration of the electrical insulation of electric motors.
Not only will contaminants prevent the windings of electric motors from cooling. But the electrical insulation will also malfunction over time.

Contaminants will allow the chains to discharge from the conductors in the windings. In the formed windings, insulation tapes and varnish / resin carbonize and break. In random windings, the “holes” in the enamel insulation cause a short circuit when the stress caused by contaminants breaks the insulation.

The result of breaking the insulation ends up decreasing the insulation resistance, which can eventually cause a short circuit. Also in brushed motors and generators, brush dust can accumulate and cause short circuits.

As you can see, dirt, which we call contaminants, can damage your electric motor or shorten its life. To prevent this from happening, try to leave your electric motors in places as protected as possible.

We know that this is not always possible, as we said at the beginning. Therefore, perform constant maintenance of electric motors. That is, the verification of its operation and periodic cleaning.

Also use quality electrical insulators. This is very important!

Geartech BR works with certified electrical insulators of the best quality. All this to serve our customers in the best possible way.

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